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Top 10 Smart Travel Gadgets & Gizmos For an Awesome Journey

Technology has given us amazing gadgets that has changed the way we live. Everyone is dependent on our beloved smartphones and gizmos as it seems it is impossible to survive without today’s technology.

must have travel gadgets

We all love our smartphones but when it comes to travelling, you never know what’s awaiting you till you reach your destination. You could get stranded on strange places, you may struggle to find a charging station, you may go to places where you need a different power adaptor. So, you must research well before going to a trip and make a checklist of gadgets you must carry for a hassle free journey and to make your trip memorable. In this article we are showcasing some awesome travel gadgets and gizmos that you must carry while going on a short or long journey.

1. iBackPack


iBackPack-travel gadget


iBackPack is a futuristic travel gadget with inbuilt power bank and a lot more. The backpack packs two 8000mAh power bank with a retractable USB cord that can give essential power source for your smartphones and tablets on a long trip, it also has 4 waterproof USB ports which is placed at the bottom for easy access, and a GPS system, Bluetooth proximity detector, a SIM card slot for 4G or 3G Wifi, Bluetooth audio system, Android and iOS apps for controls and Anti-Theft protection. You can pre-order it on iBackPack.co.

2. Candle Charger

stower candle charger travel gadget


This Candle Charger needs only a candle and some water to charge your smartphones. It uses Thermoelectric technology and converts thermal energy from candle and water to electrical energy to charge your phones. It can be a lifesaver if you ever get stranded on a deserted place with no power source. This should be a must have travel gadget in your checklist for a long trip. Read our detailed review of the Candle charger.

3. BauBax Smart Travel Jacket


It is famed as the world’s best travel jacket with 15 amazing features, that are enough to make you wow. The jacket come in different designs for both men and women. It is packed with essential features for travel like Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Drink Pocket, Microfiber Cloth, Sunglasses Pocket, Hand warming Pockets, Earphone Holders, Phone Pocket, Zipper for Pen or Stylus, Passport Pocket, Blanket Pocket, Gloves, Portable Charger Pocket, and an iPad Pocket. This one jacket can save a lot of space in your backpack. Read our complete review of Baubax travel jacket.

4. StoneTether

stonetether travel gadget


If you are a frequent traveller, you might have experienced the frustration of losing something valuable on your way back from a hotel, or a flight at least once. StoneTether is a tracking device that can help detect your lost keys or other valuable things that might get lost on your trip. It is an electronic device that you can attach with anything you want to track, like your wallet, keys, or even your child. The StoneTether app can alert you when you move away from something you’ve tagged. It has a range of 500 feet, which is quite enough to save you from losing your valuables. You must take this device along with you on long trip and forget about missing anything at all.


5. SOS Solar Battery Pack


SOS Battery Pack has a whopping 20,000 mAh capacity and is portable and waterproof. It can be a life saving travel gadget that you must carry for a long trip. Forget about running out of power for long time as the power bank can charge from direct sunlight.

6. Prynt Photo Printer Phone Case


Prynt is the first of it’s kind instant photo printer camera case for any Android phone or iPhone. It works like a phone case and connects to your smartphone to print photos instantly. Prynt can be a cool travel gadget to make your long trip memorable with instant photos. Read our complete review of Prynt to know more.

7. Kraftwerk Portable Power Plant


It is a totally new energy supply technology that will complete your need of power in emergencies. It is totally independent of power grid and allows you to generate power in large amount with a small handy device and the generated power is enough to run your smartphones, tablets and cameras to run for weeks. Kraft is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and has raised over $1,529,561, so we hope it will be available for pre-order soon.

8. FitBit Charge HR Wristband


Fitbit is an activity tracker wristband which will track your heart rate, calories burnt to reach your target during your daily workouts or hiking. If you love workout and exercise on regular basis, you can carry this high-performance wristband while you go to a long trip. You ou can get track your heart rate, calories burnt, track steps, distance, floor climbed, sleep quality, and stay connected with caller ID and time of the day on the display.

9. Dash – Wireless Earbuds With Health Tracker


dash travel gadget

Dash is wireless stereo earphones with health tracking features. It has 4 GB inbuilt memory to store upto 1000 songs and touch controls for music playback. Dash also acts as a health tracking device which its sensors to track heart rate, energy spent and oxygen saturation, steps, pace, cadence and distance. You can enjoy the music wirefree and keep track of your health on the go. Read our review of Dash Wireless headphones to know more about the features in detail.

10). Quicksstand Mat


It is a multi weave technology designed mat for beach use. It is UV stabilized, non-absorbent and sand falls through the mat and won’t come back up. If you are going to beach during your long trip, you must carry this awesome and soft mashing beach mat to make your beach day sand free. It will make your day on beach awesome and dust free.

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