Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016

The modern technology empowers us in several ways. Its impact can be small or big, but it has brought about a substantial change in our lives. And getting the consumers to embrace any new technology or the latest gadgets is not that easy. This is why sometimes the technology fails! And it fails miserably. You cannot blame any of the tech industry’s players for trying. but it’s a simple logic, the efforts in product development & marketing just end up with failures to catch on.

In certain cases, it creates disastrous results. If things are not tried and tested properly and keeping in mind the consumer’s preference , then this can create a havoc in the market and amongst the organizations. Therefore today I am going to discuss about top five technological gadgets that failed in the year 2016 and could not make that space in our hearts or in the markets. The list includes a drone that falls like a gun shot bird, a smart phone that explodes, a popular laptop series which doesn’t enable you to connect and another smartphone without the arrangements of audio jack!

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — Smartphone or an Explosive?

Though I am not mentioning any of the gadgets in a particular order but the Number 1 failed tech for the year 2016 would surely be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Galaxy Note 7 received appreciation from all around the world when it was on the verge of its launch. It was equipped with a water resistant design, wireless charging, an iris scanner, and many other wonderful specs to sweep you off your feet!

Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - Samsung Galaxy Note 7

But who knew the fate would turn around so abruptly. It was only a few days after the note 7 devices started with its shipping for sale, that the customers began reporting about its overheating issues. This issue went up to such an extent that people actually got third degree burns. And in certain cases, the lithium battery even exploded during flights.

2. iPhone Without Audio Jack & Macbook Without Slots

I guess when it comes to innovation, Apple always tops the list. Two of their products, the Mac and iPhone have just been exceptional in one or more ways. But their experiments with the latest iPhone as well as the Mac went really drastic for maximum users. Trolls and memes could be seen all over the social media platforms for the same reason.

Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - iPhone Without Audio Jack

Apple iPhone 7 comes without an audio jack and the Macbook Pro is without a traditional USB slot which has really faced more objections than gathering appreciation. Of course, you can buy the adapters to fit into USB C slots (that Apple wants you to purchase so desperately) but do these things come at an affordable price? Belkin announced a USB C dock last month, that might cost your approximately $300 – $400! You can even purchase the Apple Airpods which look like miniature hair dryers for listening to music on iPhone 7. And these come at a price of around $220. It’s a pricey affair forthe two gadgets!

Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - Macbook Without Slots

Apple wants the world to move ahead with its technology but only by spending a considerable amount! We all understand the enthusiasm for making the devices look sleek & sexy but wait, most of the storage devices that we use today utilize the same technology that Apple has just forgotten! And in the case where you do own a Mac Pro or it’s on your wish list, then get ready for getting along with the SD card readers and loads of wires.

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3. Virtual Reality 360° Cameras Gadgets — Consumer Oriented? Not Really!

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the world of tech amongst many others. It is insanely popular but to capture the mass market this category needs a product that is affordable for the users and is also easy to use. Especially when it comes to shooting your very own superior quality VR videos. For this, you will have to buy Nikon Key Mission 360 which helps you shoot 4K videos with high quality. But that is not too user friendly and is also priced at $499.

 Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - Virtual Reality 360° Cameras

Certain other options include Ricoh Theta and the 360Fly Cameras. Both are easy to use but do not provide a great video output quality. And comparatively, they are high in price too. The Samsung Gear 360 is another option for the users but again with limitations. It works only with the Galaxy S6 and above & Note 5. All in all, the VR technology has been going popular and is also being aimed at the consumers. But a VR video recorder that is perfectly consumer based and is also high quality remains unoriginated.

4. GoPro Karma Drone — Easy to use yet crashing!

This is a lovely packaged deal that comes at $1099 being its initial price. The GoPro Karma Drone comes with a Hero 5 Camera, grip stabilizer, a simple and powerful controller along with the stylish backpack to rest all your accessories.

 Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - GoPro Karma Drone

Everything was going well until the drone started to collapse like a bird flying in the sky which is shot with a gun! After two weeks of market existence, GoPro suspended its Karma Drone units. This was because of a number of users kept complaining about the drone falling in the middle of flight. It was easy to use yet the drone kept crashing!

5. Lily Camera — On Sale? Not Anymore.

Lily camera was a popularly talked about gadget. Introduced in the year 2015, Lily’s concept gained tremendous recognition and even managed to score a whopping $34 million in the pre sale orders. This was quite an exciting innovation, unlike the other drone based cameras. Lily camera does not even require a controller to fly! Impressive, isn’t it? You just need to throw the camera in the air, and it hovers over you recording all your action, hikes, runs and other adventurous pursuits.

 Top 5 Failed Gadgets of the year 2016 - Lilly Camera Drone

To your surprise, this cute looking camera even received a CES award for its innovation in January 2016. But it is yet to see the light of a bright & sunny day. The company was officially supposed to launch the camera earlier this year in the month of February but they aren’t even taking orders. The ‘buy’ button from their website has also been dumped.

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