Top 5 RAM Intensive Games For One Plus 2

Everybody wants to play high-end and high definition games that are visually impressive. You need a highly-end smartphone to enjoy these games as they need a powerful processor and also have some restrictions on the hardware. Due to this reason, not everybody can play these games on every smartphone. So, you have got yourself highly-end One-Plus 2 smartphone and want to give it a test drive of its hardware? We have listed top and best 5 games to play on One-Plus 2.

NOVA 3 – Near Orbit


It is a highly-end RAM usage and RAM intensive game for One-Plus 2 that requires high RAM, powerful processor and 2 GB of free memory to install in One-Plus 2. It is full HD and a heavy game that can be installed only in smartphones with heavy processor and RAM.

It is one of the best shooter Android that users love to play in their high-end devices. The game has 10 fighting levels scattered across the galaxy and features an epic storyline where humanity returns to Earth after centuries of exile. To defeat enemies, you can drive and shoot vehicles and all sorts of different machines to defeat enemies and also you get plenty of weapons to customize and enforce. It’s FPS benchmark for graphics displaying real-time lights and shadow, particles system, and ragdoll physics is very impressive.

Download – NOVA 3 – Near Orbit

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas


In the early times, we have played GTA San Andreas on our Computers and Laptops. Now the game company, Rockstar Games offers one of its most successful game on the smartphone platform, covering the entire San Andreas state and its major cities.

The game offers superior visual performance featuring high-resolution graphics and over 70 hours of gameplay, built for high-end mobile phones like One-Plus 2. The highly customizable settings and three different color schemes of GTA San Andreas offer extensive contextual options to set up the buttons to display only when needed.The game is compatible with USB gamepads, MoGA wireless game controllers, and even Bluetooth. The game is available in different languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. You must close other device applications before launching the game as it is heavy.

Download – Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

Mortal Combat X


It is another RAM intensive game for One Plus 2 that requires at least 1 GB RAM and 1.5 GB of free space in the device. The game is full HD that contains intensive violence, blood, and gore and is generally suitable for ages 17 or above. The game is offered by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

The game lets you bring the power of next-generation gaming experience to your smartphone and tablet with visually groundbreaking fighting. In this game, you can build your own team of Mortal Kombat and lead them into battle to earn experience, powerful artifacts, and new special attacks. By playing the game, you can unlock exclusive rewards of a console version of the game, including ultra rare characters like Injustice Scorpion and Klassic Kitana.

Download – Mortal Combat X

Amy The Starry Archer


The game is offered by GREE Inc. and requires 1.5 GHz with dual core or better processor, 960×640 or higher screen resolutions and 1 GB or greater RAM to install in the smartphone. It is another best RAM intensive game for One Plus 2.

It is a shooter game and airborne shooters give vibes Japanese anime shoot ’em up’s. The game has a look of a children’s storybook and places cute archer in the clouds. In this game, the player will control Amy and will shoot down all the manners of the enemies. The player has to focus on keeping Amy safe and get sucked up into the wonderful nighttime visuals on screen.

Download – Amy The Starry Archer

Dungeon Hunter 5


It is another RAM intensive game which is offered by Gameloft. The game requires 1.7 GB free space, 1 GB RAM and Android 4.0 and upper versions to install in the smartphone. The game has AAA graphics that makes it a heavy Android game for smartphone having high-end processors. Its AAA graphics provides the most stunning gameplay experience on your smartphone.

You can play this game as a Single-Player Campaign and can embark on a journey of vengeance as a spirit-imbued hero wit ha sword in hand. With Co-operative Gameplay, you hire your friends or other players to help you on your fantasy adventure full of vile demons, fearsome dragons, and brave warriors. Also, you can play with other option – Asynchronous Multiplayer.

Download – Dungeon Hunter 5

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