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Top 5 Futuristic Wireless Earbuds Funded on KickStarter

Innovation in the technology space is going great guns currently and as with every other consumer electronics product, companies in the headphones and headsets space are innovating rapidly. There are a lot of cool startups that are bringing some really great futuristic wireless earbuds to the market. So, we decided to let you know about them.

Futuristic earbuds

Here are 5 Futuristic Wireless Earbuds that have been funded on Kickstarter:

#1 The Dash: Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

  • Funding on Kickstarter: 15,998 backers pledged $3,390,551
  • Project status: In final production stage. Shipping starts early October.
  • Music time with one full charge: 4 hours.
  • Time for full charge: Less than 1 hour.
  • Charging medium: Micro USB (100 Mah Lithium Polymer battery)
  • Microphone: No
  • Other features: Embedded 4GB music player
  • USP: Measures vital signs like body temperature, heart rate, calories burned, oxygen saturation. Tracks performance signs like distance, speed, steps, pace, rotation, G-force, airtime, and altitude while jogging.

#2 Earin – Smallest Wireless Earbuds

  • Project Status: Funded and available for pre-order
  • Music time with one full charge: 2.5-3 hours.
  • Charging medium: in-built portable charger/microUSB (50 mAh battery)
  • Microphone: No
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • USP: Earin is aimed at music lovers and it has designed to listen to your music without any distractions. These earbuds have been built to last, as the capsule in which you can keep the earbuds also act as a charger for the earbuds.

#3 PUGZ – Wireless earbuds that charges from phone

  • Project Status: 2,775 backers pledged $350,345
  • Music time with one full charge: 4.5 hours
  • Time for full charge: 3% charge from your smartphone
  • Charging medium: your phone
  • Available colors: White, Red, Pink and Black
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Compatibility: All devices with Bluetooth
  • USP: PUGZ is a great pair of wireless earbuds that can charge from your phone. This is certainly cool since we don’t have to charge our earbuds separately.

#4 Here Active Listening: Wireless earbuds with personalized sound system

  • Project Status: Funded and available to pre-order
  • Music time on one full charge: 4-6 hours depending on usage
  • Charging medium: charging case
  • Microphone: MEMS omni-directional
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android devices with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support.
  • USP: Here Active Listening by Doppler Labs are wireless earbuds that let you totally personalize your sound and music experience. The earbuds can be paired with its app on Android and iOS to control the music you hear for real world experiences.

#5 Nextear: Wireless earbuds with a plethora of features

  • Project status: Available for pre-order
  • Music time with one full charge: 4 hours
  • Charging medium: Charging case (100 mAh battery)
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Compatibility: Any Bluetooth 4.0 device
  • Other features: Charging case acts as music player with 16 GB storage and it features built-in connectors for various devices.
  • USP: Nextear are a cool pair of earbuds, which are small and designed for comfortable and prolonged usage. While the earbuds offer some great sound quality, the storage case cum charging case comes with a plethora of features like 16 GB music player, built-in connectors, works as an external memory and more.

So, these are the 5 wireless earbuds that according to us are the game changers. What about you? Tell us which earbuds did you like the most.

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