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Top 7 World News Websites That Won’t Disappoint

Is there anything that you can’t go without reviewing even for one full day? Yes, that’s probably the world or local news. The current affairs that keep happening around us or far away are actually the basic source of information. these actually form all our opinions and viewpoints on certain subjects. The news is something that keeps us updated about what is happening in the world and how should we deal with it. Even if things do not relate to us, we still develop the interest to increase our knowledge and also be aware of any wrongs might someday happen.

Top 7 World News Websites

Therefore, here is a list of the Top 7, in no particular order, world news websites. And here I mean only “websites” or their related mobile apps and not any other mediums or sources of news like newspapers etc.

1. Reddit

Reddit News WebsiteReddit is amongst the numerous media sites online, with content varying from the absurd to the extreme. It is an excellent source of news for both national and international affairs. This website helps you easily unravel the ever-changing environment. And when you don’t have time for anything else, just ask Reddit. It provides you with the access to a stream of feeds that you might be interested in.

2. Google News

Google News - News WebsiteGoogle News is a popular news aggregation website. It gathers data from worldwide sources which is actually a great way to get ideas of what is going on in each corner.

The website or Google News Mobile App groups related stories and arrange them according to your preferences. It provides you with a comprehensive and an up-to-date news coverage.

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3. Quartz

Quartz News WebsiteQuartz is an international and a digital-only “business” news publication that focuses primarily on the tablet and mobile devices. It is a home to some of the most sensible & thought-provoking journalism that you can obtain over the internet. And mind it. Quartz’s global-centric strategy extends stories that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Visiting the website is a beautiful experience because of its understanding of the online world. Quartz makes sure that whenever a user arrives at the website, he / she leaves well-informed and not disappointed. And it has no ordinary characters!

4. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera News WebsiteWith all that sophistication that involves, Al Jazeera is a high-quality and a global news outlet providing you with excellent journalism from all around the world, primarily the Middle East. Al Jazeera also provides its readers with an impressive perspective on local news through an international view. It remains a worthy source for all the global and reliable news. Along with a website it majorly has a news channel which too is quite popular and credible in reporting the exact news.

5. The Conversation

The Conversation News WebsiteThe Conversation is an autonomous and a non-profit media outlet. It utilizes content which is curated from academic and the research communities. It involves in-depth analysis on a large number of topics to make it unbeatable from the other websites. The site’s content management system enables all the contributors from the professional academics to collaborate on articles in the real time mode. The conversation accepts only commentary & editorial articles which get linked to the author’s profile. And it is through the personal dashboard that the authors engage with the public. One distinctive feature I found is that the website at times publishes numerous articles on one single topic to offer diverse perspectives.

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6. Hacker News

Hacker News - Y Combinator News WebsiteThis could be your leading source of information focusing on “computer science & entrepreneurship”. Hacker News is the standard and much accepted tech news aggregator. It involves a technologically literate community that offers you with the unique & insightful perspective of news which would never be available from the other broadly-aimed tech news websites. It doesn’t have any catchy color scheme or animations but consists of a really simple user interface where all the content lists chronologically.

7. FiveThirtyEight

538 News BlogFirst of all, 538 name comes from the number of electors in the United States electoral college. It is basically a website that concentrates on opinion poll analysis, politics, economics and sports. The website is run as a blog which is the product of statistician, Nathaniel Read Silver or simply Nate Silver. He is known for a nearly perfect forecast of the “2012 political election” via some aggregation of sober statistical modeling & also old-fashioned witchcraft techniques. This website provides the news blogging from a “data-centric perspective.” It usually offers an impressive & perhaps a moderate take as compared to the traditional “twenty-four-hour” news networks.

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