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Top 10 Smartphones With Fingerprint Scanner!

Smartphones have become really personal devices. They hold our private messages, pictures, videos and much more. We even store sensitive information like our credit cards, bank details etc. They have become our private vault. For this reason, it seems sensible to buy a secure smartphone. You should buy one, which even if gets lost or stolen, ensures that your data is secure and does not go into wrong hands.
Now, nothing guarantees a 100% security but there are technologies out there which make it harder to steal information from your smartphone. So when smartphone manufacturers incorporate those security measures in your device, it is always a welcome news.

One of the most popular and practical solutions to our security woes is the fingerprint scanner. Is is reliable, easy to use and secures our devices to a big extent. Maybe for this reason many smartphones use this technology to provide you with extra security. A good fingerprint scanner module ensures that it is fast, reliable and works a 100% of the time. If you are looking for such a smartphone: here is our list for the best smartphones with fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 6s:

all phones with touch sensor

Apple brought this technology to a smartphone for the first time with its iPhone 5s. So, It is not hard to grasp that it produces one of the best fingerprint modules in any smartphone. Apple’s TouchID is wicked fast and does not fail a single time you use it. The newest iPhone 6s has a very fast recognition time. Some even call it too fast, because it unlocks the smartphone before you can even look at your notifications. Apple even uses its TouchID technology to authenticate its payment services: The Apple Pay. You no longer have to type in your password. Just touch on your home button and you are good to go. It is also the one of the most premium and powerful smartphones out there.

Get yourself an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Edge+:

Note-5-fingerprint sensor phones

Samsung popularized the phablet size smartphones with its Note lineup. This year Samsung launched the Note 5 the newest in Note line and also a plus variant of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Both phablets feature a great fingerprint sensor as good as their smaller sibling: the Galaxy S6/edge. The Note 5 is meant for power users as it brings all the added feature the note is famous for. The included stylus has been upgraded to bring extra functionality. It is the best smartphone for multitasking as it gives you added RAM and the split-screen view where you can run two apps side by side.


Samsung Galaxy S6/edge:

phones with finger scanner galaxy-s6-

Samsung first tried to use this technology in last year’s Galaxy S5. It was a below par fingerprint module to say the least. The swiping function was cumbersome and the device failed to recognize the fingerprint many times. But, things have changed dramatically in the last year. The new Galaxy S6 and its edge variants have one of the best fingerprint scanner available in the market. They are accurate, fast and reliable. Like apple, Samsung is also rolling out its payment services ‘Samsung Pay’ to make use of this technology.


Nexus 6P:

phones with finger print button

With the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduces system-level fingerprint support via the new fingerprint API. This means that fingerprint authentication can now be handled by Android itself and it no longer remains a manufacturer add-on feature. This allows the devices to have deep integration between the hardware and software which will result in more accurate and secure performance.

Google’s new nexus the Nexus 6P manufactured by Huawei makes use of this integration and comes with an accurate and fast fingerprint module. The Nexus 6P sports the sensor in the back comfortably at the position where the index finger lands usually. This makes unlocking the device easy and comfortable. The sensor is fast and accurate. With Android Pay to launch in near future, the 6P is first in line to take advantage of that.

You can buy it Here: (Flipkart)

Nexus 5X:

finger print phones

The younger sibling to Nexus 6P, the Nexus 5X by LG cut corners here and there to provide you a stock android experience at an affordable price tag. Where is does not make any compromise is in the inbuilt fingerprint scanner. The sensor works as accurately and reliably as on the 6P. Even the placement of the sensor is the same (at the back). It also uses the full power of fingerprint API integration in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is one of the best fingerprint sensors you can get in a device at this price range.


galaxy A8

Samsung has incorporated the fingerprint module in its high-end devices with perfection. If you want the experience but at a lower price, the galaxy A8 is just for you. Although, it is cheap by no means, it certainly will put a smaller dent in your wallet than the Samsung’s flagship devices like Note 5 and Galaxy S6. The Galaxy A8 also boasts about being the thinnest smartphone in the market. It has great build quality and provide a good overall user experience.


You can buy it Here: (Flipkart)

OnePlus 2:

Oneplus 2

OnePlus known for its ‘flagship killer’ devices launched OnePlus 2 recently with an inbuilt fingerprint module. It claimed that its fingerprint sensor is better than the Apple’s famed TouchID. In real life performance though the claim does not live up to the hype. But that does not mean that it is not a good sensor. It is a good sensor with minor problems here and there. Sometimes it fails to recognize your fingerprint instantly and you will have it twice/thrice to make it work. Other than those little quirks you will not have any problem using this sensor.

Also, read our full review of  OnePlus 2 here.


Meizu MX5:


Meizu recently entered the Indian market and has offered really good products in the affordable segment of the smartphone market. In July, Meizu launched its flagship device in India the MX5. Priced comparatively, the MX5 has a lot to offer. It boasts a full metal unibody design with a full HD AMOLED display and a huge 3150 mAh lithium-ion battery. The inbuilt fingerprint sensor is really good. It is better than most of the offering in its price range.

You can buy it Here:(SnapDeal)

Lenovo VIBE P1:


Lenovo has just launched the VIBE P1 which is focused on power hungry users. The USP of the device is its huge battery capacity rated at 5000 mAh and included fast rocket charging technology. It has a 5.5 inch full HD display with Corning’s Gorilla glass 3 for added protection. It packs so many features that the fact that it also has a fingerprint module went almost unnoticed on the launch. The VIBE P1 offers you a lot more than other smartphones in its price.

You can buy Lenovo Vibe P1 on Flipkart

CoolPad NOTE 3:


We have just reviewed the CoolPad Note 3, and it is a great smartphone. It is the cheapest smartphone on this list. In fact, no other smartphone at its price can boast a fingerprint scanner. Placed at the back, which is becoming a new norm with new devices, the included fingerprint module is nothing to laugh at. It is a good module with fast and accurate recognition. One cool feature is that you don’t need to touch any physical key to unlock the phone. Juts put your finger on the scanner and the phone unlocks itself. If you need to have a fingerprint security and you can not afford any of the above smartphones, CoolPad Note 3 is just for you.

You can read the full review of CoolPad Note 3 HERE.


This ends our list for the Smartphones with the best fingerprint scanner on board. Let us know in the comments if you think the fingerprint scanner is a must have feature or not so much. If you do think it is important than which one you are thinking of getting for yourself.

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