Unimaginable and delightful – THE SMART GLASS

We could never imagine this one! Technology is making its mark everywhere and surprisingly coming through everything making our lives easier and better. We have got the smart phones that simply took a toll on our and future generations but did we ever thought of getting a smart glass ? Yes, now we have this extraordinary glass which is smart as it learns about you, can sense and provide you the new bar experience. Now with just a click, offer a free drink to your friends.

What really is the Smart Glass – Glassify?

  1. A marvelous invention by The Innovation Furnace of Pasabahce and WeissBeerger.
  2. A very ordinary glass with an extraordinary chip inserted in the base for smartphone scanning.

What exactly does it do?

  1. Order a beer in a smart glass to begin the magic.
  2. All you have to do is scan and play to attain a new bar experience.
  3. Swipe the glass over your phone and Glassify will bring you personalized promotions using NFC or QR technologies.
  4. You can easily avail your drinks by redeeming loyalty coupons and promotions just charge your Glassify with bar money and send drinks to friends.
  5. Scan your Smart Glass and discover.

What are the benefits of the Smart Glass?

1. No money? Drink wallet-less!

Pre-charge your Glassify with bar money and leave your wallet at home. Never worry again about overspending

2. All day & night happy hours with Glassify

The Glassify app will give you personalized promotions based on who you are, what you drink, where you drink and how much you drink for every glass scan you make. Get rewarded for loyalty by scanning more.

Unimaginable and delightful - THE SMART GLASS

3. Click and share

Alcohol is good when to share. With Glassify you can send out drinks to any of your friends.

Glassify is well built, designed and destined to change the future of our bar experience.

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