Watch Google’s humanoid Atlas going for its first run

Ever had nightmares of a robot race taking over the world? Well, that might still be a little far fetched but it’s certainly dawning upon us. Google’s Boston Dynamics (Google acquired the robotics company among others in late 2013) recently showed off their progress in the robotics department and we have every reason to be just a little scared.

Boston Dynamics Atlas

In the latest video, Boston Dynamics shows off a couple of its new robotic incarnations and we are pleased as well as scared with the developments. The video first shows off a new robot dubbed “Spot”, which is a quadruped that is equipped with arms that have the ability to open doors with its strength.

Boston Dynamics Spot

Then the video shows us the real deal, that is Atlas, which is a 1.88 meter tall and 158 kilograms weighing humanoid. The Atlas we see in videos is an early prototype that is designed to use tools for people. The video suggests that Atlas can easily walk on rough terrains and rocky uneven ground.

Boston Dynamics Atlas 1

The humanoid is also hit by a big weight yet it manages to balance itself fine. Scary, right? But that’s not the end, as the video also shows Atlas running around in the open and walking through the woods. A tether is attached to Atlas’ back but the company says the upgraded version won’t require one.

Check out the video below to see the robots in action:

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Railbert says, “We are interesting in getting this robot out in the world”. Well, we are surely doomed and the Skynet is real. On a more serious more note, the progress is surely interesting and we can’t wait to see more. What’d you say?

You can also have a look at other Boston Dynamics robots, check out:

Cheetah: As the name suggests, Cheetah is the fastest robot in the world and along with the cheetah-like speed, it can also scare away a real life cheetah in the jungle. It has recorded a speed of 29 mph, which is a pretty impressive speed.

Boston Dynamics Cheetah


Big Dog: The Big Dog robot is the perfect robot companion if you love trekking and visiting terrain areas. The Big Dog can easily walk, run, climb rough terrains and carry heavy load.

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

Big Dog

Little Dog: The Little Dog robot has been designed to research on locomotion and motor systems.

Boston Dynamics Little Dog

Little Dog

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