WhatsApp might be soon available on desktop.

As per reports, WhatsApp might be getting on the desktop space soon by bringing its messaging service to the web. Making it possible to use on desktop computers. A recent WhatsApp software update (v2.11.471) has some codes which of “Whatsapp web”. The code references to tracking user statuses and enabling logging in/out of computers and hints about tracking latest activity in the web session. However, there was no official confirmation from WhatsApp team as of now.

Whatsapp webapp


Until now, Whatsapp works only with SIM card and doesn’t authenticate with a username and password. So far it has been alien to desktops, but with the new code referencing to the username authentication, it seems that the web version is in the making. Even though WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, there seems to be no mention of facebook login, thankfully not a lot of users will be fan of that idea due to a Facebook’s bad reputation in user privacy matters. Instead, it seems to employ a method to use your phone to verify your identity, which is similar to Telegram.

Whatsapp web version

The speculation emerged when Pavel Durov, co-founder of the rival messenger app Telegram told in an interview to TechCrunch that WhatsApp tried to hire our web dev.

The web version concept is nothing new to rivals like WeChat, Line,Viber and Telegram, who all already have a full-fledged web version and PC clients for each of their services.While WhatsApp has yet to make any official mention of a web version of its popular messaging app.

WhatsApp enjoys a larger user base of 600 million active users as of 2014. A web version will help propel its growth to a further userbase.

As of now, these are mere speculation, there is no official confirmation or a timeline on the release. But maybe Whatsapp wants to keep it a surprise.

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