Windows 8.1 preview is now available; Features it brings!

Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference is going on right now and Microsoft has already released the Windows 8.1 update preview for your downloading pleasure. Windows 8.1 is an evolutionary update to the revolutionary Windows 8 which was not loved by all and this update is to make sure that those haters start loving Windows once again.

Microsoft seems to have taken customer feedback quite seriously and have brought about changes that even a die hard Windows 8 hater will appreciate. The Windows 8.1 update brings back features which were removed from the transformation to Windows 8 like the much loved start button and not only that the update also includes customization and features that truly enhance the Windows 8 touch based experience.

Windows 8.1

Most notable Features Windows 8.1 brings

There are many new features added with this update although the most noticeable changes are the return of the start button although it does not work the way you are used to using the start button in Windows 7 but it works well enough and is highly appreciated. Another feature that users using non-touch PCs is the option to boot directly to desktop mode bypassing the Start screen.

Windows 8.1

The update brings customization like now you can add wallpapers (even live wallpapers) to the background of your start screen and the same wallpaper will be uses in the desktop mode so when you move from the touch based start screen to the desktop m0de, the transition is way more smooth. The lockscreen is now way more customization and you can put multiple images on your lockscreen from your SkyDrive storage so basically you can put multiple pictures from your PC and even your Windows Phone saved in SkyDrive. You can answer Skype calls and take pictures directly from the lockscreen.

Windows 8.1

There are more tile sizes now and you can even size it manually now. The snap feature of Windows 8 is a feature i personally love and i wished i could snap 2-3 apps at a time and i guess there were people who wished the same as Microsoft listened and if you have a 2,560×1,440 or an even higher resolution display, then you can snap four apps at a time.

Windows 8.1

The search is now better with Windows 8.1 as it wasn’t that great in Windows 8 and search is one of the complaints i have from Windows Phone but hopefully Microsoft will fix it as it has done with Windows 8.1. Searching now in Windows 8.1 will bring up apps, local and SkyDrive files, and settings.

The Windows Store is now way better and other notable things are the refreshed Xbox Music service, 3D printing and Miracast support.

To know more of the update, you can check out the official post from Microsoft and you can download the preview of the Windows 8.1 from here. The fully polished update will be coming this fall. Check out the video below to know more about the update.

So do check out the preview and tell us if you like the changes brought about by Microsoft.

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