Windows Phone 7.8 features leaked and previewed, the update is coming in early 2013!

Microsoft has been quite secretive of the Windows Phone 7.8 update which will be coming to the Windows Phone 7.5 devices as they’ll not be getting the brand new Windows Phone 8 with Microsoft only revealing few features that will be coming such as the new start screen. Now Microsoft has officially announced on their Windows Phone blog that the update will be coming to the Windows Phone 7.5 users, those with the first gen Lumias in early 2013.


Windows Phone 7.8


In the announcement at its official blog, the company re-confirmed some of the new features that will come as a part of Windows Phone 7.8.The new available colors for the UI theme were mentioned (bringing the total to 20). The additional Exchange security enhancements and ability to resize the Live tiles were also revealed.


Windows Phone 7.8


Some features of the Windows Phone 7.8 which Microsoft are yet to unveil have been leaked thanks to the folks at managed to get their hands on a Windows Phone 7.8-running Lumia 510 and confirmed a few other features other than the addition to the resizable Live Tiles, such as re-designed system apps (Office, Xbox Games, Store, etc.), 10 new theme colors, a new boot screen matching Windows Phone 8 style and Live Lock Screen Wallpaper, which was previously introduced within Windows Phone 8. The build number of Windows Phone 7.8 the guys were using is 7.10.8858.136.


Windows Phone 7.8


They also got hands on a Lumia 510 brochure in Finnish which says the Lumia 510 will have a new Start screen with more available color themes, though. It also confirms the Windows Phone 7.8 won’t be the last firmware update you’ll get, probably to reassure the people who intend to buy the phone that it’s getting long-term support.

A short clip has also leaked online showing the Lumia 900 running the Windows Phone 7.8 which does not reveal much but for the new start screen.



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