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Wordament is now available for Android users


Wordament is now available for Android users

Wordament the highly popular word game from Microsoft studios has finally made its way to the Android platform. The highly addictive game first was an exclusive to Windows Phone at the start but made its way to iOS recently and now the game is available for Android users as well.



Wordament on Windows Phone

Wordament does not sync with the gaming platform from Google that is the Google Play Games but it is still fun to play as it syncs with Xbox Live and there are a number of players always ready to compete with you. And with the game now available on Android and iOS there will be even more players to compete with.

I personally love this game and play it quite often so i suggest you should surely give this game a go as its highly addictive and fun thanks to the large number of competitors, various achievements on Xbox Live to unlock and the freenemies. All in all its quite fun and you are going to love it if you are into word games and even if you are not hit the source link below and give it a try.

Wordament – Google Play Store

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