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BoomBox v2 will turn anything into a portable speaker system

We love music! Well, who doesn’t? This is the reason our stereo speakers and the headsets are so important. Music liberates you like nothing can, so it’s almost obvious that various companies are focusing on improving our music experience. Listening to music when you go camping or a trip can become a little problem due to the fact that our smartphones aren’t really well equipped with great speakers. Well, meet Wowzr’s BoomBox v2 that changes the way we listen to our music.

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

The BoomBox v2 is a cool little portable speaker with the ability turn any object into a speaker to rock small parties. It uses a vibration technology to turn objects into speakers. Let’s go into the details of it, shall we?

Design and Build Quality

The BoomBox v2 portable speaker looks like a capsule and it certainly looks cute with all the cool colors it’s available in. The speaker is very light and it’s compact design should make sure that you can easily carry it anywhere. The speaker has a plastic body but it looks great, thanks to the colours.

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

With the BoomBox v2, you get 3 extra sticky pads to stick the speaker pad to an object, there’s also a USB to 3.5 mm jack cable and an audio jack extension. The device is available in 6 funky colors, which brings character to the portable speaker.

Concept Rating

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

As we mentioned, the BoomBox v2 uses vibration technology to make any object a speaker. It is quite simple really, once you stick the BoomBox sticky pads to an object, it will create vibrations to convert into music. Without you sticking the device to an object, the device will create a very low sound. So, you will need an object to turn it into a loud speaker. The bigger the object, the better the sound it will produce, thanks to the vibrations. Check out the video below to get a better idea of the device:


Using the BoomBox v2 is super easy, as we already told you and the sound depends on the object. A bigger hollow object like a trash can will even give you bass along with the loud sound. You can stick the device to your pizza box, coffee cup, any other box or any other object. The sound may vary but various reviews suggest the sound will be decent to great. The sound should be loud enough for you but don’t expect to have a huge party with the device.

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

The mini speaker uses USB or AAA batteries to power up and according to the makers, you need to keep your smartphone sound volume to 80-90% to avoid distortion. The device is capable with all smartphones, MP3 players, laptops and any device with a 3.5 mm jack.

Game Changer?

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

We are not sure if the BoomBox v2 is a game changer, considering there are various portable speakers on the market. But the BoomBox v2 is surely the most compact of them all and the concept of turning any object to a loud speaker is certainly praise worthy. The speaker is certainly capable of providing good music and that too anywhere you want. The portability is also one of the factors on its side, as you can carry it anywhere without any hassle at all.

Price and Availability

Wowzr BoomBox v2 portable speaker

The BoomBox v2 is already available on Wowzr’s official website and you can get one BoomBox for yourself at £19.99, which is around $30 (~Rs. 2,000). There’s also a cool combo, which lets you buy two BoomBoxes for £30 plus shipping charges.

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