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Xiaomi launches Ninebot Mini, and a 60 inch 4K Mi TV3.

It seems Xiaomi has developed a knack of bringing premium devices to masses with an affordable price tag. On Monday, in Beijing Xiaomi launched its one of the coolest product yet: The Ninebot Mini. We are so excited that we can’t wait to get our hands on the device.



Many of you would recall a device called Segway which was a two wheeler, self-balancing scooter and used to cost a fortune. Well, the company Segway Inc. was acquired by a China-based start-up known as Ninebot, a company in which Xiaomi is a major investor. If you would connect the dots you will know where this is going, right. Xiaomi in collaboration with Ninebot has produced a two wheeler, self-balancing scooter which it unveiled yesterday in Beijing.


So, what is so special about Ninebot mini? First, it comes at $315, which is about one-tenth of the price of a Segway. While cutting the cost drastically, Xiaomi has not compromised with looks or performance. The Ninebot mini can move with a top speed of 16km/h (10 mph), can easily climb a 15-degree incline, spin 360 degrees on the spot, and run up to 22 km on a single charge.

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All these features are packed into a premium looking compact, and lightweight body which is carved from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy. It does away with the handle bars and sports a knee-high bar which detects the riders motion to help steer the device. It weighs about 12.8 kg and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. Other features include ground lighting system which will help you scoot around when there is low ambient lighting condition. It is available in two colours: Black and White.


One of the smartest features of Ninebot mini is the ability to control it using your smartphone. It has a dedicated app for that purpose. You can use the app to check the battery life, view the speedometer, traffic data, and any firmware upgrades if available. One of the nifty features in the app is the ability to lock your device. An alarm will sound if the scooter is removed without your permission. Xiaomi also said that you can control the movement of the device using the app. But, they did not give out much information on that.

Alongside the Ninebot mini, Xiaomi also launched a new android powered smart TV: The Mi TV 3. The TV adopts a modular approach which makes it easy to upgrade in the future. Mi TV 3 has two components. The first one is the display which is a 60-inch ultra thin display, which uses LG-true 4K display with high colour gamut (NTSC~85%) and MEMC motion compensation technology. The display connects to its companion which Xiaomi calls the MI-Bar via a single cable.


Mi-bar is the main motherboard of the TV which also houses the speakers. The box also houses all the ports: three HDMI inputs, and one port each for USB 3.0, USB 2.0, VGA input, Ethernet, AV, RF, and subwoofer. The system runs using Xiaomi’s custom UI based on Android 5.1.


Since, the Mi-bar is separated from the display, this allows the display to be ultra-thin (11.6 mm at its thinnest point and 36.7 mm at its thickest point). It connects to the Mi-bar using a single cable which in turns connect to other devices. Hence, the TV itself looks neater as all the cables are organized properly with Mi-bar.


Mi-TV 3 is priced at RMB 4999 ( approx.786 USD). If you don’t want to invest in the whole package you can buy the Mi-bar separately for RMB 999 (approx. 157 USD) and use it with any other monitor to get the smart TV experience. Xiaomi is also selling additional sub-woofers and Bluetooth remotes as accessories.


Both the products will be available for purchase in China starting on Nov. 3 on Their global launch dateis yet to be announced. Follow us Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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