Yacht designed by Steve Jobs finally makes an appearance

Before the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, we heard news that he himself was designing a luxury yacht in collaboration with Philippe Starck, the yacht has had no mention whatsoever after that and today we might be seeing the first look of what the yacht maybe looking like.

The luxury yacht has made its first appearance in the city of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands. The first stills of the ship showed up on the blog One More Thing, which posted a few other details as well.


Reportedly, the stunning ship is made entirely of Aluminium to make it light enough as well as add to its stunning looks and the ship is is about 230 to 260 feet long.

And if you had any doubt about this being the Steve Jobs’ yacht then reportedly it features seven 27-inch iMacs in the wheelhouse which should put all your doubts to rest. The sources at One More Thing report that the the Jobs family will be present for the yacht’s christening ceremony proper, though it’s unclear whether or not they intend to use it, or what its ultimate fate may be.

The ship certainly looks incredible and it is unfortunate that Steve Jobs himself couldn’t see the beauty finished in all its glory.


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