You can now sign up for a chance to test some Google products


If you are a fan of Google and you love the new ideas and experience they bring to the world then we have some good news for you as you can basically be part of the all new tech Google keeps working on.

Google is looking for people who would help them in testing some Google prototype products. You can sign up for a user experience research study which will let you test some great tech Google have in their labs.

You can go ahead and hit the Source link below which will have all the details you need to know to sign up for a chance to test some Google products. You need to undergo a survey which will ask you about your Technology usage. You will also need to tell Google if you can visit a nearby Google office, or do it remotely which means an online user experience test or have a Google rep visit your place.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up and do tell us if you are one of the people who have got the chance to test some cool stuff from Google.

Source: Google


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