You will never use your mobile phone at a Petrol Pump after watching this Video

Petrol Pumps across the globe have a warning that refrains people from using their smartphones yet most of us choose to ignore it. Well, you might not ignore it from now after watching this video from Hyderabad City Police. The video was posted on Facebook and it shows us that using mobile phones at a petrol pump can indeed be dangerous. The video is a 50 second CCTV footage from a petrol pump.

Petrol pump mobile phone

At the end of the video, we see a man taking out his phone while his vehicle is being filled with petrol and the moment he takes out his phone there’s instant fire on his bike’s petrol tank. Fortunately, the fire is not too big and there’s no explosion and no one gets hurt. Check out the video here.

We are surely glad it wasn’t a big explosion but this video should be enough to warn us. While it hasn’t been proven that mobile phones cause fire at a petrol station, there are theories supporting it. So, we should indeed take the warning seriously and prevent mobile phones at a petrol pump to avoid such hazards.
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