ZUS – The Ultra Smart car Charger and Locator

Everyone one at least once in their lifetimes has felt the need of a fast smartphone charger on their long car journeys, so that when they run out of juice on their smartphones they do not become handicap. The common problems that are associated with car mobile chargers are that they heat up very fast and the charging time taken by them is just too much and hence they prove to be inefficient. These chargers are inserted into the cigarette lighter component of the car for it to function and as that circuit runs on a high amperage it often turns the device very hot. Some of the other problems such as long wiring and bad looks can also cause trouble and shame for your expensive cars.

zus Smart Car Finder & USB Car Charge

So here we present a solution to all these problems, with the launch of ZUS smart car charger and locator!


The elegant design of this charger just gives and enhancement to your already futuristic design of the interiors of your car. The highly compact yet very easy to handle device has the perfect curves to fit onto your lighter socket without interfering with your driving experience. Also with the ability to use your own USB wire to charge your smartphone, it provides you a solution to the need of either short or long cables as per your need.

zus car charging gadget kickstarter

The device is also provided with top of the line ElegantShine LED lighting systems for increased visibility and comfortable use in dark environments. With the design made in Germany, the automobile hub of the world, you can always be sure that this device comes from the best of engineers from around the globe.

Concept rating

You can find several car mobile chargers on sale in India over traffic signals or in several mobile shops, but none of them shall be as crafty and convenient to use as this one. By the look of it, the concept kept in mind while designing the car charger was not only to charge your smartphone fast and efficiently but also match the aesthetics of your car to make it look more futuristic.

zus dual Smart Car Finder & USB Car Charge


Not only does it have the singular function of charging your phone but also is inbuilt with a car locator. In case you are stranded in a big parking lot and have no clue where you parked your vehicle, this device helps you in locating your car very efficiently using your smartphone. With almost 2x of charging speeds than the conventional car mobile chargers, it performs much better than any of its competitors.

zus car charger

Game changer?

This small device is definitely a game changer as it is multifunctional and does both of its functions i.e.; a car locator and a smartphone charger, very well. The military grade quality build and titanium coating always ensures that the device is never over heated while doing its job.


The several specifications of the device include:

  • Smart Car Locator
  • US Military Grade Quality
  • 2x Charging Speed (4.8A)
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • German Bayer Material
  • ZUS Cooling System
  • ElegantShine™ Lighting
  • Smart Device Detection
  • Data Plan Free
  • Titanium Coating

Launch and Availability and Expected Price

This product is available via purchase from Nonda and is available for 35.99$ per piece. Also there is a heavy discount if you buy a pack of 2 or 5 of this device.


To find out more about ZUS Car Charger and Car Finder visit Nonda. Use this coupon for 10% discount : SMM-AKZUSSUMMER16. This is valid until March 31, 2016.

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