ZUtA: A Portable Robotic Printer As Small As a Paperweight

Gadgets are getting more and more compact these days, thanks to better components and better technology. Printers have been here since ages and while they have improved a lot, there are not many printers that are portable and compatible with all the devices. Well, that might change soon with the arrival of the ZUtA portable pocket printer, which is a cool little portable printer compatible with anything that you can throw at it.

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The ZUtA mini printer initially got fame as a Kickstarter project and the project was successfully funded. Now, the company is taking pre-orders directly from its website. So, let’s see if the new mini robotic printer is as good as it seems.

Key Features

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  • The mini printer is 10 cms in diameter, it’s small as a paper weight.
  • Works with any smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Supports Android, iOS, OS X, Windows.
  • No drivers required.
  • It rolls over the paper to print instead of the other way.
  • Prints 100 pages per cartridge
  • Currently prints only in grayscale, no color printing as of now.
  • Priced at $199.99, This futuristic printing robot fits your pocket.

Design and Build Quality

The ZUtA porrtable pocket printer is the most compact printer till date. It is pretty small, as its diameter is 10.2 cm and weighs in at 350 grams. Since its funding on Kickstarter, the Israel based ZUtA Labs has been working on the printer even smaller and more faster.

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The printer is wireless and features a hatch at the bottom, where you can insert the cartridges. The device uses Bluetooth or WiFi to connect with your PC, mobile or laptop. There’s also a rechargeable battery that can be charged by a microUSB cable. The mini printer packs an optical sensor, which is commonly used in a high-end mice.

Overall, we quite like the design of the ZUtA pocket printer and it’s nothing like the printers we are used to.

Concept Rating

The ZUtA robotic mini printer is certainly a brilliant concept because it brings something which we need almost daily. It is perfect for anyone who wants a small portable printer to print documents on the go. The mini printer can print directly from your smartphone or tablet, so that’s one thing which makes it awesome.

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The portable printer currently prints only in black and has a speed of around 1 ppm but the portability, its small size and the fact that it can print on any paper size more than makes up for it. We surely appreciate the concept!


While we are yet to use it, the video by ZUtA labs suggests it will be pretty easy to use. The device will connect to your PC, smartphone or tablet through WiFi and you will just need to click print and place it on a paper. The printer comes with support for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, so all the popular platforms are covered. The great thing is the printer works for all paper sizes and you don’t need to install any drivers to get it working.

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Since the ZUtA mini printer is in its first incarnation, the printer has some limitations. It is a bit slow at 1 to 1.2 page per minute speed and a full charge lets it print for an hour. Currently, the printer only prints in grayscale but the creators are working on color printouts for the next iteration.

To sum things up, the ease of use on this portable printer is on the higher side. It’s pretty easy to use and what it lacks in features, it makes it up with its portability and compatibility.

Game Changer?

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There are wireless printers on the market but there’s nothing like the ZUtA mini robotic printer. If the company does live on its promise and brings us a stable printer, it should be a game changer for the printer segment. The printer was shown off at CES 2015 earlier this year and it won the recognition of “CES Best of Innovation Award”.

We can also expect the next version of the printer to be better and devoid of the limitations the current version features, so the future of printing is certainly rosy.

ZUtA Mini Printer Specifications

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Launch & Availability

You can pre-order the ZUtA portable pocket printer for the ZUtA Labs website itself. The second batch of printers supposed to ship this October has already been sold out, so you will be able to book one for the second batch that will ship in January, 2016.


You can pre-order a ZUtA mini printer for $199 and it will ship in January 2016.

We certainly like the cool little portable printer from ZUtA Labs. What about you? Tell us what you think of the mini printer.

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